Rev. Sammy Wainaina blasts politicians for giving the church bouncing cheques

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All Saints Cathedral provost Reverend Sammy Wainaina has called out politicians dishing out handouts during church services.


The man of God asked his fellow clergymen to be weary of the politicians and deny them the chance to speak at the pulpits.

In a damning revelation. the reverend confessed that most of the donations given by politicians are bouncing cheques.

“What I’m telling my fellow clergy and church leaders is this is wrong. Who has the right to come and speak there at the pulpit? That is your domain, stop! If you have been doing this, stop, it is wrong!” Rev. Wainaina told Spice FM.

“I felt that I needed to correct that misconception that the church survives on politicians. By the way, and this I can prove, most of them give bouncing cheques. Some have even given cheques and sent their assistants to come collect saying that ‘Mheshimiwa wants to bring cash later.’ Politicians have their own agenda, and they utilize every opportunity to sell that agenda and loot this nation.”


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