Revealed: Uhuru’s Alleged Underhand Deal That Will Guarantee Raila The Presidency

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Flamboyant city lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi one of United Democratic Alliance masterly chauvinists has laid bare president Kenyatta’s alleged inconspicuous deal that will cost One Kenya Alliance principal’s the presidency in favour of Odinga.

According to Nassir, Uhuru is much clued up with his ambitious deputy’s political ability in the upcoming general elections and to counter him, Kalonzo and Mudavadi must rally behind ODM chief Raila Odinga in his fifth and last stab to bring the seat home lest they be at a loss.

The legal mind intimated that Mudavadi and Kalonzo should be conscious of their political future and disregard such a deceitful undertaking since they stand a chance to clinch the top seat at their own right.

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“His excellency Uhuru’s sole strategy to stop DP Ruto taking over in 2022 is to arm twist Hon Mudavadi and Musyoka to forgo a good chance of becoming the fifth president in favour of honorable Raila Odinga. If one is in their shoes apart from the MATHA, why should the two gentlemen entertain such unmanly idea”. Nassir said.

If Nassir’s revelations are anything to go by, then the famed One Kenya Alliance under Mudavadi, Kalonzo, Moi and Wetangula may fail to make it to the ballot in favour of Odinga who is largely seem to be the only ideal challenger for aggressive DP Ruto who up to this point, has made daring inroads across the country’s political divide.

With all the speculations in place, One Kenya Alliance principals yesterday held a meeting in the posh Karen neighborhood in what is said to be a review of the status of the coalition.

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