“Rift Valley is a No-go Zone” Sad State of Affairs in Ruto’s Backyard Cast to Light

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With 13 months to go to the much awaited 2022 general elections, the crystallizing political landscape across the country is by all reasons proving that 2022 will be a do-or-die battle with much attention fixed on the presidency.



ODM chief raila odinga and deputy President William Ruto are expected to face off in the presidential category as the two top contenders.

However, regards campaigning in the rift valley region which is the latters backyard, the people on the ground are reportedly very resistant to any politician or individual who is against their kingpin, Dr. Ruto.

According to political blogger Abraham Mutai who apparently hails from South Rift, residents of rift valley are deeply entrenched to William Ruto’s political ideology to a point that his critics are threatened with lynching.

Mutai asserts that selling another presidential candidate in the expansive rift valley region is next to impossible going by the current mood and animosity by locals.

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With the existing hostility in Ruto’s backyard, Mutai could not find the rationale behind Ruto’s open condemnation for tribalism where he has been blaming Raila and Uhuru for propagating alleged tribal instigated agenda.

” Ruto condemns tribalism and hits out at other leaders for propagating a tribal instigated agenda……even now you can’t preach any other candidate in rift valley without getting lynched”. Mutai claimed

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