‘She Broke My Heart’ – Willy M Tuva

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Media personality and radio presenter Willy M Tuva is a well-known Swahili presenter who supports local talents from the East and Central African region


The Citizen radio presenter when speaking at engage talk recalls how his first girlfriend broke his heart.

He loved her so much and confessed that he will not let her go this is because of the great love Willy M Tuva had for her.

“I really loved that girl so much because I had an interest in her before after seeing her many times. I tried showing her my love but she didn’t love me back still. I am the kind of person who if he wants something I will always go for it no matter what. And I would rather try and fail but not try and not fail”, Mambo Mseto host said

He didn’t give up easily just like that but kept on trying and chasing after her.

As if this one wasn’t enough, M Tuva went ahead and wrote a love letter to Sadah which she tore and threw it back to him. It was hurting so much.

That really hurt me so much thinking on how many hours I spent writing the letter using all nice and lovely words for her but still she never accepted my love for her”, he said.

M Tuva didn’t give up and kept going back to the girl until he won her heart and married Sadah.

He said when you want something always make sure you go for it and be that person who is aggressive.

Be the person who when he or she is not there people would go back and look for when you are silent.

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