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Shock As Woman, 64, Carries ‘Pregnancy’ For 17 Years (video)

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Normally, a women’s pregnancy takes a maximum of 9 months. However, in a few cases, pregnancy may take 10 months or 8 months depending on the women’s condition. And such instances, swift action would be taken since it poses a danger to the mother and the unborn child.


Now imagine this, a 64-year-old woman has been carrying a pregnancy for the last 17 years. The mother of three children has had a normal pregnancy as well as a normal delivery before. However, his fourth pregnancy has not only left her in severe agony but also left doctors speechless.


The distraught women’s effort to unearth what she is ailing from or why she is yet to get her labor has borne no fruits. this is after she unsuccessfully tried seeking medical assistance from different hospitals.

Ironically, the woman who comes from Rwanda and, whose story was highlighted with Afrimax English, said her husband died before getting the pregnancy and she has never slept with any man ever since.

Below is the story  by Afrimax English


the story was don by afrimax english

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