Simplest Way To Write a Brilliant CV and Wipe Others at Interviews

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Many job seekers are aware that an impeccable CV is a very key element as far as securing a job is concerned.


However, what many are oblivious to is

  • How employers actually read a CV.
  • How to make your CV stand out. This means your CV should be able to grab an employer’s attention and make you stand out from the rest
  • How to tailor your CV to the job position.

Keep your CV concise and to the point – a maximum of two pages. If you send an employer a CV that is longer than 2 pages – chances are that they won’t read it.

The reality is that recruiters, employees, and hiring managers do not have the time to sift through endless CVs. Therefore, it’s important that you ‘trim the fat’ so to speak, keeping your CV relevant and focused on the job you are applying for.

Use Microsoft Word and avoid fancy colors and fonts. Remember to use short paragraphs, bullet points, and headings.

Make a personal statement- a brief summary of what you offer, why you are suited for the job, and why you are interested in the role. Your personal statement should be a short 1 or 2 paragraph section

Below is a short sample personal statement, to show you how this might be done:

A recent business economics graduate from the University of X, looking to secure a Graduate Commercial Analyst position to use and further develop my analytical skills and knowledge in a practical and fast-paced environment. My career goal is to assume a role that allows me to take responsibility for the analysis and interpretation of commercial data for a well-respected and market-leading leading company.

It’s seriously essential that your CV matches the job description. Imagine if you were an employer, and someone applied to join your company, what type of things would you expect to see on their CV?

For example, you want a customer service employee, where they would be dealing directly with customers. The skills you would expect to see from someone who knows how to write a brilliant CV would relate to:

  • Person-to-person interaction.
  • Communication skills.
  • Empathy.
  • Problem-solving.

Employers want to see that people have experience in using the same skills and attributes they are looking for. So, if someone sent in a CV for a customer service role that showed no evidence of actually dealing with people in a professional environment, then they are unlikely to impress the employer.

Don’t just list down your daily duties but instead write about your achievements, such as how you helped the company cut costs, set up a new customer complaints procedure, or any innovations you came up with.

Your CV is full of positive words and phrases, showing that you are an attractive and highly-employable candidate. The types of words you should include within your CV are:

  • Professional
  • Loyal and hardworking
  • Enthusiastic
  • Committed
  • Customer-focused
  • Innovative
  • Trustworthy
  • Flexible

Aside from your technical knowledge and expertise, remember to highlight soft skills such as organizational and communication. These are vital in a candidate as companies look for a good fit for the business and existing staff.

Minimize your personal information. Don’t include your marital status, age, or if you have any children unless the job requires you to provide such information. However, be sure to include your contact details.

If you have any hobbies relevant to the job, include them in the resume. Talk about how your interests and additional skills will add value to the company.

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