‘Sitambui madem wamekula p2 kama njugu karanga’ Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi tells off Bahati

Photo Courtesy: Jalang’o Tv

Controversial blogger Cyprian Nyakundi has told off Bahati and his wife Diana Marua after their latest publicity stunt which was aimed at promoting their new Mtaachana tu.


The publicity stunt angered many Kenyans but blogger Cyprian Nyakundi decided to cite his displeasure with the celebrity couple on his Twitter page.

In a tweet, Nyakundi implied that Bahati is an outdated musician who depends on publicity stunts to remain relevant. He also accused Diana of being a second-hand wife.

However Bahati didn’t take the insult lying down and in a quick rejoinder, he hit back at Nyakundi saying he was looking for relevance by dragging his name in the mud.

In response to this Cyprian went on to diss Bahati’s wife. He alleged,

Bahati and Diana continue to draw sharp criticism after duping Kenyans with their fake cheating scandal publicity stunt.

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