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Why Smoked Meat Is The Best For Your Health and Here Is The Best Place To Find It

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Smoking meat is timeless and no, it did not start with your granny dearest- it has been a thing since Homo Erectus discovered fire 400,000 thousand years ago.


This cooking method has survived in an era where thongs have run petticoats out of town for a reason. In fact, it is used in almost every culture around the world- the Americans give it fancy names like barbeque but despite the method and name attached to it, here is why you should try out smoked meat


There is an inimitable flavor that engulfs meat when it is smoked that would make other cooking methods like stewing, grilling or baking stand from afar in awe. The smoking process is deliberately low and slow, but the results are best savored by taste buds. The slow process is to breaks down collagen- a protein found in muscle tissue-making the meat much more tender.

It also melts fat which combines with the tender meat for a truly delicious eating experience. The flavor of the meat is also enhanced by the smells that smoking adds.

See, the sun does not rise abruptly like an ejaculation. ‘Her’ presence is first announced by the welcoming tunes in supplication to mother nature by the birds. Then her rays emerge subtly and slowly, embracing the landscape with their warmth and a might so commanding yet gentle that darkness has no choice but to bow out. Before the sun finally takes her seat in the clouds

Now that is the process of smoking meat. But you do not have to go through the process because, at the end of the article, you will find where you can get awesome meat after someone else goes through the process with pleasure to give you nothing but the best

Enhanced Appearance and Smell

The hardwoods used as fuel during the process of smoking also helps to add flavor to the meat by accentuating the aroma of the smoke. See, if you were poor in sciences like I, here is the simple explanation by experts; when the wood is burned, chemicals from the wood release different arms which when infused into the meat as it cooks, adds a variety of different flavors into the meat.

Smoking also creates an acidic coating around the meat which is quite tasty and gives the meat a unique appearance and texture.

The Best Part; It’s Good for Your Health

It turns out, smoking is a great way to add flavor to leaner, less tender cuts of meat. Lean meats can help build lean muscle mass since they have a lower caloric value and less fat.

So Where Can You Find Smoke Meat in This City?

Many joints in the city promise you tasty smokes meat but the tried and tested joint in Anchor Bar and Grill at Quincy Mall along Lang’ata Road. The brisket, beef, or pork ribs they smoke come out looking tasty, melting into your taste buds.

Their process is quite elaborate. The smoker is setup up with the right wood and made sure it comes to the right temps, about 130-140 degrees Celsius. While the smoker comes to life, they prepare the meat with the right ingredients, this includes pepper, salt, or your favorite rub, etc. The meat is then placed in the smoker for at least 9 hours constantly checking the temperatures using a probe thermometer. The meat is ready if its internal temperature is about 130 degrees Celsius. An hour before the meat is served it’s wrapped in butchers’ paper, before that,  it’s sprayed with vinegar.

An hour later the meat is served with your favorite starch.

For deliveries call 0114557765


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