Stop hating on Diamond Platnumz, Chibu’s video director tells Kenyans

Celebrated Bongo Flava artist Diamond Platnumz’s video director Director Kenny is the latest from team Chibu to way into the growing beef between Kenyan and Tanzanian artists.

Taking to his Instagram stories, Kenny shared an opinion by a fan who called out Kenyans for unnecessarily hating on the ‘Waah’ crooner.


“I’m just wondering why Kenyan artists are hating so much on Diamond,” the fan wrote.

According to the fan, Diamond deserves better treatment due to his efforts to deliver quality music.

“I mean the guy has earned respect from quality of videos to his style of music to everything inclusive of dances,” she said.

She further challenged Kenyan artists to invest more in their music if they were to compete at Diamond’s level.

“Inaitwa investing that’s is what most Kenyan artists wanaogopa kufanya. Or am I wrong, if I am someone correct me.”

Kenyan rapper last week ignited the debate after condemning Kenyans for overwhelmingly supporting Diamond while failing to do the same for local artists like Otile Brown.

“MFs out here Gassing Diamond but will not support Otile Brown. The Mediocrity on this platforms. Smh,” he wrote in a tweet.

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