Suspect In Quiver Lounge Shooting To Face Murder Charges

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A licensed gun holder is set to face murder charges after one of the victims he had shot Quiver Lounge club along Thika Road, Nairobi died after staying in hospital for over four months.


The victim who is a DCI detective officer identified as Festus Musyoka died in Nairobi Hospital on Tuesday 23rd November where he has been since July 2nd when he was shot in the neck by a licensed gun holder Dickson Mararo.

Dickson Mararo, a licensed firearm holder, is said to have shot the late officer, Lawrence Muturi of Kasarani Police Station, and a waitress Felistas Nzisa at around 9 pm.

Mararo’s firearm, a Glock pistol with 38 bullets, was confiscated until the case is determined.

The suspect was later freed on Sh5 million cash bail or Sh10 million bond. He has not afforded to leave prisons because the cash bail was too high.

He moved to court to seek the bail terms be reduced.

In October, he applied to trial magistrate Esther Kimilu to review the bond terms so that he can leave prison and attend his trial while outside.

On August 6, the court heard that Mararo, who is facing attempted murder charges, shot and injured his three victims at Quiver Lounge on the night of July 2.

The prosecution now plans to upgrade the charges to murder.

He has denied three charges of attempted murder at the club along Thika Road.

The prosecution is now seeking to upgrade the charges to murder following Musyoka’s passing.

Musyoka sustained gunshot wounds on his neck alongside his colleague from Kasarani’s petty crime unit, Muturi who was shot in the hand.

As of Tuesday 23rd November, plans were being made to transfer Musyoka’s remains to Montezuma Monalisa Funeral Home, Machakos.



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