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Taliban Barns Men From Wearing Flamboyant Hairstyles and Perfumes

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The Taliban, a deobandi islamist religious and political movement that is currently at the helm of Afghan government has slapped its male populace with a retrogressive demand which bares them from using beauty enhancing products and other dashing and fashionable clothes and hairstyles.


The islamist group has also demanded that every man should grow beards failure to which they will face the wrath of authorities.

The group which is known for its entrenchment to draconian Islamic Sharia laws had weeks ago pulled a similar stand on women Labour and education.

Girls were effectively banned from secondary schools as boys were ordered to report and commence education after a one month hiatus.

The Taliban education ministry said, “ all male teachers and students should attend the educational institutions”.

The future of girls and female teachers stuck at home since the Taliban took control was however not addressed, hence remaining an unsolved puzzle.

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