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Terrible Blow to Slay Queens After Uhuru Signs Controversial Bill

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When Homa Bay town MP came up with a bill seeking to lock out secret lovers and their children out of inheritance if their married partners die- there was much furore


The Law of Succession (Amendment) Bill, 2020, Bill sponsored by Homa Bay Town MP Peter Kaluma, sought to amend Section Three to read that a spouse means a husband or wife, or wives recognized under the Marriage Act. This consequently was to ensure inheritance will be limited to only men and women who are legally married, their children, and extended family.

Kaluma, however, noted that second wives should not be locked out of inheritance if they have been officially introduced to the family and the first wife is aware of their existence.

Supporting the Bill, Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa said it would give a clear framework on exactly what should happen upon the demise of a spouse to avoid drama in families.

And now, Kaluma has come out to express his joy after President Uhuru Kenyatta signed into law a bill he proposed to lock outside chicks out of their dead lover’s wealth

Speaking to a local daily, Kaluma said that he was happy that the president had locked out “slay queens and woman-eaters” from the deceased wealth.

“Strangers who have been pirating on the property of the dead have been stopped! Only persons who contracted valid marriage with the deceased will now claim the estate of the deceased,” he told daily.

Kaluma also noted that the law will also protect all children whether their parents were married or not.

He noted that the aim of the new law is to avoid situations where “opportunistic schemers” successfully claim part of the deceased properties which in return disfranchises the legitimate heirs.

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