Thika Family Under Investigation For Torturing Their 8 Months Old Baby

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A family in Thika is under Investigation for allegedly torturing their eight months old baby.


Daniel Njoroge 21 and his girlfriend Anne Nyangi 20 have been cohabitating for the last three months were yesterday arrested after their child to torture and neglect.

According to the Star, the couples allegedly took their baby to the hospital claiming that she was suffering from a running stomach and vomiting.

But upon further investigations by the medical officers at the Thika Level five-hospital, they found out that the child was suffering from the battered child syndrome.

According to Dr Ngugi who is the Medical supretendant at the hospital said that “The two brought the child to the hospital with complaints of vomiting and diarrhoea but further examination revealed that the child had stigmata for child violence. He had bruises all over his body from the head, chest and abdomen. His two arms and left leg were also fractured,”

The child was treated and later admitted to the hospital.

“We stabilised the fractures and placed the infant under our care. He is currently stable and we expect him to have fully recovered in two weeks,” Dr Ngugi said.

He said they alerted the Children Protection Department who later informed the police that led to the arrest of the two couples.

They will be charged with assault and child neglect, while their baby will be put under the custody of their grandmother.

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