This is why Kenyans on Twitter have reignited calls to bring Miguna Miguna back to Kenya

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Kenyans on Twitter have reignited calls to bring back exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna to Kenya.


The Canadian based lawyer has been trending for the better part of the day following the appointment of Kenyan- American Mwende Mwinzi as the ambassador of Kenya to South Korea.

Mwende had previously been rejected by parliament during her vetting process.

Kenyans on Twitter took on the government for their double standards.

Below are some of the reactions

Kiilu: Kenyan-American Mwende Mwinzi being posted as Kenyan ambassador to South Korea but allowing Miguna Miguna back to Kenya is where the government draws the line.

Juma: Miguna Miguna can’t come back Kenya because he is a “Canadian” despite being Kenyan BY BIRTH but someone born in the US from Kenyan parents with a Kenyan citizenship can be an ambassador. Kenya ni nchi ya ajabu! 

Domicile: They will appoint Mwende Mwinzi as an ambassadour an individual rejected by parliament after vetting but letting Miguna Miguna back to his motherland is where they draw the line.

Davis: Miguna Miguna needs to Jet back to the country and Launch his Presidential Ambitions. Luos are tired of Raila, they want a new Joshua to lead them to Canaan.




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