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‘Thitima’ Hit Song Makers Kymo And Stigah Explains How Money Caused Their Break Up (video)

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Musicians Kymo and Stigah have for the first time revealed the reason why they split despite releasing two hit songs.


The duo became famous in the Gospel Industry back in 2016 when they released ”Thitima”

They said that initially, they did not have a mentor and a clear structure when starting their partnership and that is what led to their downfall in 2017.

“No matter how high a building will go, if the foundations were not laid right it will sink. The way we started off, there were some things we didn’t do that’s why mentorship is very important,” Kymo said.

He added, “You need to have a contract, an agreement, in order so that you agree how you’re going to move forward, mtakosana sababu hamkuwa na agreement…so I think that was the major challenge for Kymo and Stigah.”

According to the duo, they did not have the structures to know who should get what percentage and therefore disagreed eventually.

“Initially it was three of us, Kymo, Stigah and Kabi wa Jesus…and Kabi was running everything, but we all wanted our fair share,” they said.

After having broken up for four years, Kymo and Stigah finally decided that it was time for them to reform their group as they are now mature enough and have put the right structures into place.

“We sat down and said…lets continue, right now we are mature enough, we have families, If we can decide let’s have a clear contract of how we’re going to move forward…tutoe personal interests na tufanye muziki,” they added.

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