Top 6 tips to survive in Nairobi

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Living in Nairobi has proven a hell of task especially for first timers. Day time muggings is a common feature of the city and not even the staring dwellers will bother to come to your rescue.
Below is a 101 guide that might see you through in your day to day life in the capital;

1. Avoid downtown.

Despite being a honey pot for revenue generation, Nairobi’s downtown harbors the hottest spots for criminal activities. Most stolen property is sold here. However, it is at the downtown where day time robbery is glorified. Try as much as possible to avoid these areas at all cost.

2. Always be on the alert.

It all starts at your residence. Always ensure maximum security of your house. Whenever you move into a new house, use two padlocks regardless of their standard qualities. While you are in the CBD and you here someone shouting ‘oya oya,’ kindly move to the sides instead of turning.
In case someone drops anything in front of you, run as fast as your legs can carry you. Wait, did I just use that? It is epic. Anyway avoid such distractions and even if someone calls you siste ama brathe, tembea as if you didn’t see nothing.

3. Watch out on the matatu that you board

Before getting into a matatu, take note of the condition of the windows because you might just lose ownership of your phone in a glimpse of the eye.  Again watch out on passengers who read newspapers, magazines and artworks in the matatu because it is a common trick to distract your attention before they pickpocket you.

4. Avoid crowds

Even church gatherings within the CBD are not safe and should be avoided like plague. In fact, don’t let anyone pray for you in the Nairobi streets even if you were breathing your last breath.

5. You don’t have to use the Kanjo washrooms

In Nairobi every coins counts and money should be saved by all means. Instead of paying 10 bob to use the kanjo toilets, chip into Ushirika House and tell the security officers that you are visiting office 24. It is a washroom mistakenly labeled that way. Or better still just dash into the many restaurants and clubs within the CBD. Ama kimbia Sabina Joy and it shall be a double adventure.

6. Avoid second hand items

Avoid purchasing second hand goods especially electronics and phones because the Kenyan CID are better trackers than the FBI and you might just spend your entire life in prison.

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