Tough Reality

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Last week on Friday 26th President Uhuru Kenyatta addressed the nation where he revised quite a number of rules and regulations that were to be followed with immediate effect.


The head of state announced a new lockdown in five counties to reduce the cases of Covid-19.

Kenyans have been struggling with this pandemic since March 2020, It has not been easy but the government without thinking about the common Mwananchi decided to lock the country again.

Today if you take a walk in Nairobi around Railways, You see will a number of buses from three different transport companies parked, No movement, no nothing. That means that the drivers and their turn boys have no jobs.

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They are all at home with their kids looking at them with a thousand and one questions.

Jobs are being closed, Business is being closed because the owners do not have money to expand.

It’s getting crazy each and every day, people are suffering.

We hope that one day, we shall overcome all this get back to where we were before.


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