“True God Can’t be with Thieves” Raila’s Ally Savagely Trolls Ruto’s Camp

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As the 2022 general elections draw nearer, deputy President William Ruto’s journey to the highest seat in the land is equally becoming bumpy and craggy, a situation that beats frustration experienced by previous contenders who had occupied the deputy presidency.


Today, celebrated city lawyer Donald Kipkorir, a close ally of Orange Democratic Movement chief Raila Odinga has mocked deputy president William Ruto’s camp over their unreliable political stand amidst claim that they have a God in heaven who will take them through this turbulent journey towards the electioneering period.

Kipkorir ridiculed the hyped Hustler Nation for riding on guesswork in an attempt to woo the electorate to throw their weight behind them.

The brilliant legal mind who is always politically savvy claimed that Ruto tried to ride on divisive hustler versus dynasty politics but it backfired big-time forcing him to retreat and fabricate yet another economic theory dubbed top-down vs bottom-up economy.

The much publicised bottom-up economy approach has since taken the centre stage in Kenyan politics with major traditional and social media arena giving it the much-needed airtime.

Kipkorir claimed that the ‘imaginary’ economic model is also destined to failure leaving the Hustler nation only chanting about the blessings from God which they claim to have monopoly of.

However, he boldly intimated that God cannot be at the same place with people with questionable integrity where Ruto is alleged to be part of.


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