Two People Arrested For Allegedly Killing 4 Elders Over Wichcraft In Kisii County

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Yesterday 18th October, pictures and a video capturing four elderly women were assaulted and later set on fire by irate villagers on suspicion of practising witchcraft in the area.


The horrific incident happened in Marani, Kitutu Chace North, Kisii County with the women identified as Jemima Mironga, 60, Agnes Ototo, 57, Sigara Onkware, 62 and Sindege Mayaka, 85.

One resident told reporters that which craft/black magic has been happening in the region and it was time they flush them out.

In an incident that happened a few days ago, a Form Two student in the nearby school was flushed out of his house at night and was later found unconscious outside his house in the morning but upon regaining his consciousness and began to speak, he mentioned that the four elderly women were the ones who had messed him.

In a new development, a boy and one other suspect identified as Nyakundi were arrested in connection with the murder of the four.

“Two prime suspects believed to be involved in the cruel murder of elderly persons in Kisii County over the weekend have been nabbed by the police,” National Police Service said.

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