Uhuru’s Script? KANU Delegates Allegedly Decline to Ratify Decision to Join OKA Alliance

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The hyped One Kenya Alliance is about to live to its acronym (TOKA) if the worrying revelations made by KANU secretary-general Nick Salat is anything to go by.


With the alliance racing against time to see it registered formally so as not to end up as a paper project, the three musketeers Kalonzo, Mudavadi and Wetangula instigated a plan to officially ditch the defunct NASA coalition which they used in the run-up to the highly-competitive 2017 elections.

However, their efforts have been frustrated by one Gideon Moi after delegates of his independence party , KANU, allegedly declined to ratify the collective decision of joining the alliance in the offing. A development that leaves the NASA divorcees in a compromising situation.

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Moi was largely seen as the chief sponsor of One Kenya Alliance given his vast resources and his failure to join the other three musketeers will make their political ambitions only a pipe dream since they lack the wherewithal to run a robust presidential campaign.

Speculators have since intimated that Gideon Moi’s heart is still in Jubilee party in which they signed a working agreement with and will likely stick to Jubilee which is pursuing a coalition with ODM.

The big question is, is Gideon Moi acting as per president Kenyatta’s script? Moi’s actions clearly exhibits a man under siege and definitely a receiving orders from a highly placed individual and tries very much to look competent with a stand but unfortunately he is also very predictable.

On another front, One Kenya Alliance also brings the well-deserved comic relief in the Kenyan politics.

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