Uhuru’s Allies Allegedly Seeking Reconciliation with Ruto as His Presidential Momentum Picks

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Corridors of power has it that influential people and political strategists around State House pushing for President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto to reconcile.


A source within the circles has told the Star that with the plans to stop becoming increasinlgy  frutless, barren, a diplomatic strategy has been deployed to approach the DP to reconcile with his boss.

A team of prominent clerics and close family friends of the once indomitable duo are said to be working behind the scenes to bring the two together. And while the DP on Thursday told the clergy he is ready for talks, it is understood he is not really interested in the reconciliation. He is allgedly questioning the motive after close to three years of humiliation and being edged out of government.

With what is said to be several research reports showing Ruto stands a good chance of succeeding Uhuru, the forces pushing for the reconciliation want assurance from the DP that all shall be well in the event that he forms the next government.

But according to political analyst by the name Herman Manyora, if the two were to come to a truce then Ruto will first have to come to this deal with clean hands.

Manyora adds that Ruto will have to do away with his new UDA party if at all he is genuine about seeking the handshake because there is no way he can be selling another party while he was elected the deputy president under Jubilee.

“But again they say, in a deal like this you must come with clean hands. You cannot enter Rome with your army still armed. Your men must be disarmed before you can cross the rubicon. Ruto has already crossed the rubicon, he has crossed the red line.

You are in Jubilee, you are the deputy president but you have gone out openly not just to form another political party, not just to campaign for it, not just to promote that political party but to offer candidates in competition with Jubilee headed by Uhuru Kenyatta you are saying you are ready to reconcile with which doesn’t make sense at all.”

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