Vera Sidika explains why she will never again date a billionaire man

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It is fancy thinking of finding a partner who is wealthy and stable as a form of redistributive justice.  However it is more justifying to be honest with yourself about where the power lies.


According to  socialite cum businesswoman Vera Sidika, dating filthy men is quite a misery.

Well how more true can it turn out than getting it from the horse’s mouth; someone who has been in that kingdom?

The Mombasa based entrepreneur reacted to a fan’s question on Insta Stories concerning her relationship goals.

“Siz why do you settle for less, in relationships?” The unnamed fan posed. 

While responding to the follower, the bootylicious babes took the opportunity to share her piece of advice on baegoals.

” I have never settled for less bacause I have been content and genuinely happy in my relationships. What is settling for less to you? A man that is not rich? Is a good relationship measured by how rich your man is?” Vera posed. 

She continued;

” I have dated millionaires, billionaires etc you name it. So i have been there and done that. I know how that would look like and said I would never want to do that to myself.”

She went ahead to share her reasoning as follows,

” My freedom and happiness comes first. Is it life when all your man can offer is material things and track all your moves, asks you to delete social media, disconnect your from friends and control your life? Emotionally available, only thinks money solves everything, disrespect you because they feel like they own you, unavailable because they are too busy or you?”

“Ai, that life apana! The only small happiness is going shopping but once you get home you just stare at those items and still be lonely. Imagine being in a relationship but feeling so single. In fact single people enjoy coz they go on dates. This is misery!”

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