“Very Soon Kenya will have no judiciary” Maraga Breathes Fire on KTN News

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Emeritus chief justice David Maraga has dauntlessly expressed his displeasure with President Kenyatta’s decision to reject the 6 judicial service commission nominees out of the 40 members that were forwarded for approval.


In a live interview on KTN News a plucky Maraga has intimated that if president Kenyatta continues trading in that path of breaching the constitution, then politics will start creeping into the decisions made by the judges and very soon Kenya will have no judiciary.

He now joins the list of his predecessor Dr. Willy Mutunga, current chief justice Martha Koome and a myriad of legal practitioners who have openly castigated the president’s controversial decision.

A furious Maraga also exposed the president for non-compliance during his tenure where he got out of way to initiate talks between the two speakers of legislative houses and the executive to chat the way forward on matters interdependence of the three arms of government but a defiant Kenyatta never rose to the occasion.

” I requested the president to call the speakers and myself so that we can see how to deal with administrative matter on the interdependence of the three arms of government, the president refused, what was I expected to do?” Maraga posed.

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Maraga further faulted the president’s decision, saying that the constitution has not given the ‘intelligence’ Uhuru claims to have about the 6 nominees the powers to appoint judges.

” With all the court orders issued, the president is adamant and saying that he will not take the easy way. The constitution has not given the intelligence the power to appoint judges, the views of intelligence have their place”.

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