(Video) Brown Mauzo Sings Otile Brown’s Song To Vera Sidika

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Socialite Vera Sidika and musician Otile Brown are celebrities whose stars will continue to shine despite their infamous breakup in 2018.


Whereas Otile has continued to stamp his authority in the musical scene, Vera has achieved one of her life desires and indeed that of every other woman; getting pregnant. 

And to indicate that there is no love lost between the duo, Otile was among the many celebrities who congratulated the businesswoman on becoming a mother.

“Congratulations Queen Vee. Knowing you was the best thing that had happened to my life. Brown Mauzo Bro, you made it.” Otile wrote

Vera on the other hand has remained supportive of the musician and has appeared in several occasions jamming to Otile’s song.

On Wednesday she was once again on the Dusuma singer’s vibe as her hubby Brown Mauzo sang to her Otile Brown’s Baby Love song.

The versatile musician dropped the song in 2018 while incorporating Vera as the video vixen.

The song celebrated Vera while slammed critics who hit on their relationship at the time.

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