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(VIDEO) Ghana MP Roasts Larry Madowo In Fiery Homosexuality Interview

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To the Kenyan masses, Larry Madowo is a national treasure, a role model, and one of our best ‘exports’ to the world.


Many watched him evolve from local media to become a CNN international Correspondent. He was previously a North America Correspondent for BBC and also anchored breaking news and presented BBC World News America from Washington, DC

But his latest interview humbled him and he might need to reflect. Many quipped that he found his match.

He even admitted the same,

“This is one of the most contentious interviews I’ve ever done on live TV. I asked a Ghanaian MP pushing an anti-LGBT bill why he wants to legalize hate & homophobia. “Only 7% of Ghanaians are tolerant of homosexuality,” MP @samgeorgegh told me on @OneWorldCNN”

The interview in question involved Ghanaian MP Sam George. Larry was left on the defensive when his interviewee deflected his questions touching on the anti-LGBTQ+ bill that has caused considerable debate in the West African country.

“Why are you pushing this bill that would legalize hate and homophobia in Ghana?” posed Madowo in his opening question.

The politician hit back: “I did not understand what you mean by pushing a bill that would legalize hate and homophobia. It’s a bill to promote proper human sexual rights and Ghanaian family values. If you have another bill you have another bill you’re talking about, then you have got the wrong man.”

The usually poised and self-assertive Madowo also appeared to struggle with the facts of the bill, at some point admitting he was not a medical expert.

“If you’re not a medical expert Larry, and I am saying to you that we have spoken to the medical experts here in Ghana. Conversion therapy is a hormonal treatment,” the Ningo-Prampram MP

The eloquent lawmaker also tore Larry’s claims assertion that the bill will, if passed, seek to slap a ten-year term in prison for anyone found guilty of engaging in gay and lesbian acts.

“You haven’t read my bill. It’s misinformation to say that anybody who is found guilty of a homosexual act to go to jail for ten years. That’s a misconception that you are peddling and you should not do that on an international platform,” the lawmaker roared.

“Larry, I would advise that you do a better job at what you’re doing. If you want to put a spin, do it right(ly). This is the bill, that I have passed before parliament. The activity of homosexual activity is a second-degree felony in Ghana.”


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