VIDEO: Harmonize Explosively Reveals Witchcraft Involvement In His Departure From Diamond’s WCB

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Popular Tanzanian singer Harmonize has opened about the dealings that forced him out of the Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) record label that is owned by fellow artist Diamond Platnumz.


In a lengthy interview soon after he landed from a US tour on Thursday, November 18, the Konde Gang CEO said that he had to clear his name from constant allegations that he thanklessly separated from a label that had built his career.

According to the ‘Kwangwaru’ hitmaker, his former boss had been sponsoring stories intended to malign his name.

Harmonize revealed that there were efforts to frustrate him out of the group by the management to an extent he was accused of witchcraft.

In the interview, Harmonize mentioned that the group management accused him of involving his father’s witchcraft in an attempt to overshadow Diamond.

Babangu alipokuwa akija nyumbani, walikulwa wanasema amekuja kumroga Diamond

These claims followed a series of events which included a day when Diamond even insinuated that he would beat him in any war including witchcraft.

Wewe wataka kushindana na Mimi, huniwezi kiserikali, huniwezi kuhela na huniwezi kiuchawi. Nipe mkono tushindane!

He further disclosed that things got out of hand to an extent he sought intervention from different individuals including Mama Dangote.

However, he came to realize that she had been made to believe that his intentions were to overshadow Diamond.

All I wanted was peace. So I followed Mama Dangote and told her Diamond and I were like brothers, and we had come from far and helped each other in many ways. I just wanted to make him proud that he helped make me succeed. While I was confiding in her, she was scheming on me. Her mentality was that my aim was to be bigger than her son.

The musician also claimed that he had not been surprised by Diamond’s attitude as it had become his signature to become jealous of successful artists and beef with them.

Whenever a musician starts shining, they usually fallout with Diamond. For example, Shetta and Ommy Dimpoz were close to him, but once they started shining, they became enemies. Most successful artistes have had beef with Diamond. Look at Ali Kiba, Ben Pol and many more.

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