VIDEO: Jalang’o Sheds Tears On His Show As Harun Comes Back From India

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Celebrated media personality Jalang’o had an emotional moment during his live show on, shading tears as he responded to a recent dress down from vlogger Andrew Kibe.


Kibe recently called out Jalas for apparently endorsing cross- dressing which he construed to be advertising homosexuality on the Bonga Na Jalas channel.

We are not going to advertise cross-dressing, Eric Omondi, i have refused. I am not going to have my kids growing in a country where you guys exist

He pointed out two episodes of the show in which the Kiss 100 presenter had invited the now popular Mtumba Man and a man who was accused of swindling money from men by posing as a woman.

However, an emotional Jalas responded to the former radio host taking him head on for criticising the show.

Cross dressing for entertainment or marketing is not a new thing! Hata uku US pahali uko billionaire entertainers cross dressed! Tyler perry, cedric the entertainer, Martin Lawrence and many more bro are they Lambistic or its the hustle! Yes I hear you but hustle lazima iendelee! As we speak sahii mtumba guy just got life changing deals that will see him move a step from poverty! Nadhani wewe hujawahi sota vizuri! Siku utasota poa ,wich I hope you dont , wewe utavaa hata dera! Lambistic!!”

And on Tuesday, September 21, 2021 the comedian broke down as he hosted one of the beneficiaries of his philanthropic initiatives .

I didn’t know that the platform that we have here would change people’s lives and see what God can do. People talk a lot but on this same platform we have life changing moments.  Jalango said amidst streaming tears

Jalas mobilised celebrities and other wellwishers to raise Ksh 3 million of an ailing Harun Njeri who was to seek treatment in Indian.



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