‘Vijana wamechoka!’ Youth make CRB,HELB clearance demands before passing BBI

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Kenyans have continued to react to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s directive of car grants for  Members of County Assembly as an incentive for passing the Building Bridges Initiative bill.


During a meeting with Mt Kenya MCAs on Friday, Uhuru pledged to help the ward representatives achieve their demands for a Ksh 2 million car grant each.

However in a counter reaction, Kenyans have asked the President to extend the goodwill to the youth before voting on the document.

They want jobseekers to be exempted from the punitive compliance certificates from Higher Education Loan Board and the Credits Reference Bureaus.

See some of the comments below;

Rodgers: Clear my CRB and HELB and BBI is yes

Maureen: If MCA’s will be granted 2M to pass the BBI, graduates should also be granted CRB and HELB loans clearance to pass this thing. We need a robust conversation because Kenya doesn’t belong to politicians alone.

Lettisphas: In the spirit of MCA bribery and #BBINonsense, all CRB and HELB beneficiaries should be cleared. Future HELB disbursements be given as grants and not as loans. All CRB records be expunged so that we can access unsecured loans as soon as tomorrow not after 5 years.

Syl: Comrades should gate wave on CRB and HELB loan to pass BBI.

Abdirahim: Let the government equally clears the Comrades from CRB and HELB before they pass the BBI.

Yusuf: If bribing is the way to go then the Comrades must be cleared from CRB and HELB, from there we can reconsider your BBI thing









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