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Wacha Nioge Nirudi Soko, Amira Ready to Mingle after Denouncing Jamal

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Just when we thought G.O.A.T wives had evened the score, side chicks are re-arranging the rules of the game.


Latest from Jamal’s Kraal, apparently Amira does not want anything to do with Matatu Operators Association Chairman Jamal’ Roho Safi Marlow. A few weeks ago, the pair seemed to have fixed their rifts- until the devil in the details reared its head again.

Barely days after hinting at divorce, Amira has warned netizens against associating her now ‘ex-husband.’

Her rage was sparked after netizens tagged her on a recent photo of Jamal and Amber Ray, the socialite at the center of her marital woes.

The mother of two boys said they were no longer together and should not be dragged into his business.

“PSA! Am addressing this for the very last time!! Stop associating me with Jamal. You need to stop dragging me with every issue that you see out there, we are no longer together. Am not his wife, he is not my husband. Am not his problem, he is no longer my problem. I am only responsible and answerable to my kids. Kieleweke, she wrote.

Amira’s plea comes roughly two weeks after the social media influencer announced she was in the process of divorcing Jamal.

In the post shared on her Inst stories, Amira revealed that she was tired of her husband’s humiliation and wanted a divorce.

.”On the 4th of November, I got the courage to stand up for myself. It is something that I should have done a long time ago but I didn’t have the courage to. But it reaches a point where enough is enough. Today is a breaking point for me and I hope this will also give you the courage to leave whatever has been holding you back. Working towards becoming a better version of myself and caring for my kids and doing my business, one step at a time,” she said.

And she now says she is ready to mingle, using the same diss words Amber used on her

”Si mlisema nioge ,nirudi soko😂😂
Twende kazi😆

This was after Amber told her their hubby claimed Amikra did not know how to clean up properly


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