Waiguru Admits Jubilee Party Is In Deathbed

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Kirinyaga County  Governor Anne Mumbi Waiguru has welcomed calls to re-energize the ruling Jubilee party ahead of the 2022 General Elections.


In a statement she released on her official social media handles on Monday, the Kirinyaga boss says the ruling Jubilee needs to be revamped since it is losing its political strength.

“The rains have beaten us. Our fortunes are dwindling. Intense introspection is demanded,” she said.

She adds that Jubilee needs a new strategy going forward since a lot of things have changed politically.

Waiguru has called on the party leadership to deploy a ‘gather all and scatter none’ strategy in its bid to bounce back to life.

“Our outlook and strategies must suit the times and so we must be willing to step off our comfort zones and embrace new ways of thinking and doing. We must also be pragmatic and re-open both the sides and back of the tent for people to enter and re-enter. A lot of futures are tied to the fate of the Party and we must restore its vision, glory, and stature or contend with predictable consequences.,” Waiguru added.

Her remarks come at a time when the ruling party is facing turbulent times occasioned by infightings and sibling rivalry.

A huge number of MPs move behind Deputy President William Ruto and form the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party for their 2022 bid has made things worse.

These developments have threatened the future of Jubilee hence the need to revamp to make it more competitive ahead of the General Elections.

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