Waiguru’s ‘Scathing’ Text That Saw Kalonzo Run To Her Home

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Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka on Tuesday led a team of delegates to the home of Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru to woo her into joining One Kenya Alliance(OKA)


The team then was holed up in a meeting that lasted hours. The visit, according to Kalonzo, was triggered by a text message sent by the governor to one of the OKA founders whom he did not disclose, challenging the team over gender inequality.

“The message was well received by one of the gentlemen after we had our OKA meeting in one of the local hotels. It read, that it (OKA) was a man’s club,” he said.

Kalonzo said the alliance was open to accommodate the governor as she would competently handle their mission which was to unite and implement development projects in the country.

But a non-comittal Waiguru said she is still in the process of introspecting and consulting widely on the best political camp to join and will announce the direction to take in due course.

Waiguru said she would continue engaging with like-minded parties to make an informed decision.

“We will continue participating in the ongoing conversations and political organizations that are being established with an aim of finding ourselves in the government of the day after the 2022 elections.”

She added,

“As a leader who champions for the rights of women, I’m impressed to learn that their manifesto advocates for equality in Cabinet slots for both men and women,” Waiguru said.

This was even as Kalonzo reiterated that their manifesto would be gender-sensitive and would incorporate both genders to promote unity and national cohesion.

“While I was a presidential candidate in the 2007 elections, I did select Dr. Julia Ojiambo to be my running mate. That goes to say that I’m ready to work with the opposite gender in matters of national leadership,” Kalonzo said.

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