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Wamama Wameskia Hii? Mercy Masika Stirs Debate With Her Take on Submitting to Men

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If you have ever watched the pair together, one cannot fail but notice how they exchange warm glances and giggles.


Who is the pair in question? Mercy Masika and David- a couple who swear that friendship, has been the ingredient that has kept their marriage afloat for many years.

Mercy, a trained teacher at Daystar University, chose to pursue a career in music. Shortly after university, she gained so much popularity that she would get many invitations to sing during events. It is during one such event in 2007, while in her early 20s, that she met her soul mate. She was performing at a wedding reception in Lang’ata and David was a videographer at the same event.

“I had woken up feeling happy and arrived at the venue two hours early!” she reminisces of the day that she met the man who would love her and support her fully in her music career.

“He casually asked for my contacts after the event suggesting that he’d like me to sing at his wedding someday.”

David admits with a laugh that even though he wasn’t dating, he would have loved her to perform when that day came.

“Her voice inspired and challenged me and has continued to do so deep into our marriage,” he says,

Masika says she loves David because he is real –he is not dramatic and is straightforward

The first few months of marriage were challenging for Mercy because she held a ‘happily ever after’ view for her marriage.

“I felt neglected because I expected my husband to help with house chores and be there for me all the time,” she explains.

But they have since learned the ropes, share two beautiful children; Ranise and Tevita and David manages Mercy’s musical career.

“I especially loved it when the children came. I felt loved and appreciated and David is very good with children, thus would help out a lot.

A day or so ago, Masika has shared her two cents on marriage and how submission works for her union.

Masika explained the word ‘submissive’ in the biblical definition noting that it is not oppression rather it entails honoring your husband and respecting them.

She says while she struggled with it in the beginning, she has learnt that submission actually makes one powerful noting that she too has reaped its benefits in her marriage.

“When I got married I was depressed at those manenos. I was like neeeveeer. Until when I learnt the wisdom of God is better than mine own. Submission is not oppression. It is honouring your hubby, it’s treating him with respect. I have so reaped the benefits of submission in my marriage that I learnt I am extremely powerful when I am submitted,” Masika wrote.

When a woman submits to their husband, that does not mean she considers herself ‘lower’ or ‘less important than their other half rather it makes your marriage work God’s way.

“Submitting to your husband doesn’t make you less. It helps your marriage to do it God’s way,” she added.

Well, after 13 years in marriage, she sure has some leverage to offer advice. Or would you rather take it from Huddah or Amber Ray?

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