”We Have Been Left Out” Murkomen Claims Pro-Ruto Locked Out Of SOTN Address

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President Uhuru Kenyatta will as from around 2 pm on Tuesday 30th November address the nation from the parliament buildings.


he is expected to speak on various issues that would range from economy, 2022 elections, taxation, foreign loans, the Covid-19 pandemic among other issues.

And as the president  is planning to address the nation, Deputy President William Ruto allies are crying foul in what they call left out of the program

”Very petty on the part of my colleagues in the Senate leadership to lockout Senators supporting the Deputy President from attending the SOTN address. They should remember Art 132 of the Const requires President to address Parliament not Baraza la Azimio ya Kieleweke. Nkt” tweeted Murkomen
Murkomen has also released a list purported for the senators who have been shortlisted to attend today’s Presidents address.


n the list he shared on his official Twitter account, his name was missing.



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