‘We Parted Ways Before The Baby Was Born’ Mulamwah Explains Break Up With Carrol Sonie

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Comedian and content creator Mulamwah has finally disclosed details of his breakup with baby mama Carrol Sonie.


Speaking during a sit down with Radio Citizens’ Mseto East Africa, the comic revealed that their relationship was already on the death bed even before their daughter was born.

While explaining the reason things went south for them, the medic stated that his ex-girlfriend was so demanding to an extent he became overwhelmed.

Consequently, Sonnie would seek alternatives from other people, something that hurt the comedian.

Ningeomba sana hata kwa relationship yake ingine aendelee kua humble na apatiane time. Hizi vitu zote tutapata. Unapata labda kuna wakati singeweza kuprovide hiki na hiki, yeye angeenda kutafuta mahali fulani ama kwa jamaa fulani na nilikua nakwazika kweli. Ningependa kuambia madem watupatie time. Usiharakishe hiyo process utapata hayo matunda yanaendea mwingine Mulamwah narrated

Ever since the news of their breakup went viral, the funnyman has been cautious not to talk about it in detail arguing that there was a lot that if it was revealed would destroy Sonnies life

Everyone asks this and I choose not to speak. Because if I speak I may destroy her life forever, affecting the little one too. Men keep quiet to protect a lot of things

Mulamwah did not waste time replacing his ex  with a new lady; we now believe has been in the picture for a while; but being the side chick – new girl had to stay low key until Mulamwah was finally single

According to Mulamwah, his lady doesn’t like the social media life and so far she doesn’t own any sort of online account as she prefers to lay low. Kinda sounds the opposite of Carol Sonnie, but change is good right?

In a previous interview, Sonnie claimed that she was not shocked when Mulamwah introduced his new girlfriend,  moments after she publicized their breakup.

It is good, it is something I expected, I am not shocked. I know the girl… they are together. I will focus on my baby now and create content to build myself, let’s not focus on what we lost


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