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‘ We’re sorry we lied’ says young couple who claimed to be twins

A couple recently stirred the internet when they claimed to be twins who fell in love and decided to marry one another.

Bryan and Lexie revealed on their TikTiok page that their parents abandoned them when they realized that the two had a kid together.


However, after receiving a backlash when they recently had a sit down with media personality Jalango, the two denied being twins.

They twisted the story and claimed that they were only doppelgangers who fortunately found each other.

In a follow up with Tuko’s Lynn Ngugi, the couple have admitted that their TikTok revelation was a lie and that they were just clout chasing.

“To our parents and to Kenyans, we are sorry. We should not have lied about being twins,” Bryan and Lexie said.

According to the two youths, they were driven by the desire to be popular.



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