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”Why Arrest a 55kg Man With a Contingent Of Police?” Skinny Men Association Condemned Arrest Of Eric Omondi

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”Skinny men association” have condemned the manner in which popular comedian Eric Omondi was arrested by police this morning  outside parliament Building.


Led by their ”Patron” and Kimilili MP Didimus Baraza, the association said arresting Eric Omondi who is ”55kg” with a whole contingent of police was uncalled for and unnecessary. Didimus said one police man was enough to deal with the funnyman and skinny comedian.

”This should be condemned. The gentleman ‘ERICK OMONDI’ just like yours truly, can be arrested by askari wa CHIEF. We are both 55kgs. Why bring an entire contingent?” he said.

In a video circulating online, a ”whole police station” was captured arresting a highly stubborn comedian who was resisting the arrest.

The comical arrest saw the comedian jumped on top of the cruiser while police were trying to bundled him into the vehicle.

Police managed to bundles him into the land rover and  took him to central police station. He was later released.

The comedian has been a subject of discussion on social media after he  stormed parliament to petition lawmakers to legislate over the playtime for Kenyan music.

Some of his other petitions included better pay for artists as well as equal performance opportunities like those offered to foreign artists.


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