Why Boniface Mwangi Has Banned Politicians From Addressing His Funeral

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Popular activist Boniface Mwangi has instructed his kins to ban politicians from addressing mourners in his funeral when he dies.


According to the outspoken activist, the political class harbors hypocrisy thus deserves no airtime in his funeral.

Taking to his social media pages, Mwangi disclosed that many politicians had privately reached out to console him over his vandalized Machakos home but were not keen to make their empathy public.

Your favourite leaders are calling me privately to condemn the bombing but they won’t say anything publicly lest they upset their political allies who sent the men who planted the explosives. If l die, don’t let any politician address my funeral. They’re not welcome at our home. Boniface Mwangi

He accused  Machakos governor Alfred Mutua of being behind the ‘bombing’ of his house in Lukenya following his recent comments about the new relationship between singer Juliani and Mutua’s ex-wife Lilian Ng’ang’a.

Mutua however dismissed Mwangi’s claims challenging him to apologize or face defamatory charges.


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