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Why Life Coach Benjamin Zulu Wants Students To Avoid Campus Dating

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Popular life coach Benjamin Zulu has asked campus students to avoid getting into premature relationships.


According to Zulu, campus dating deafens ears to life- calling thereby killing dreams. He urged students to free themselves from this york and instead explore their lives.

This is what he had to say;

Premature relationships are obsessive. There is a lot of insecurities, instabilities so you keep assuring, talking, chatting. This will mess up your time frame. You won’t have time to meet people, friends and make new friends. You must carry each other wherever you go on the phone talking to make the other comfortable. guys are forfeiting rich internships and scholarships but because they’d rather be close to each other, one refuses the opportunity because of the emotional attachment. You end up shaping your life to fit this person, this relationship. You forfeit your personal expressions and interests. You’re confined! It takes up your extra money, you must keep treating the girl. 80% of previous graduates are average mediocre, useless. They are not very different from class eight, form four dropouts. he explained.


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