Why Male Circumcision In Kakamega County Will Soon Be Taxed

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Kakamega county will soon start taxing newly circumcised men if the proposed bill sails through in the county assembly.


In the proposed law, the taxman will particularly be going for men facing the knife in hospitals.

Also targeted in the bill are postmortems on animals such as cats, dogs, and chickens.

The proposed law has, however, angered the locals who say the proposed law is not only punitive but also retrogressive.

According to K24 digital, residents have condemned the new laws that have been added to the 2021 Finance bill which is being debated.

“We condemn the move by our MCAs to add such punitive laws to our already overtaxed people in the name of circumcision and post-mortem fees,” said the locals. 

But the county, through CEC for Finance David Ikunza, has defended the proposed law saying taxes are just proposals.

He says the assembly will consider all the proposals by locals before the bill is passed into law.

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