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Why Prostitutes Turn Down Indian Clients

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It is common for escorts to sign off their patrons and say adieus to a job they have fancied for the better part of their lives. In fact, some of the prostitutes undergo painful ordeals that when they finally open up, you would wonder what really endeared them to that kind of job.


Well, Mombasa call girls recently opened up to some of the tribulations they grow through in their jobs.

Speaking to the Daily Nation, one of the ladies disclosed that their jobs boom a lot towards the end of every year.

According to the woman who requested anonymity, the boom is a result of the many visitors spending their holidays down the Coast.

Yet at a time when they would make a kill from the thirsty men, the hookers are still choosy on the kind of clients they book into a room with.

She revealed that despite Indians being the majority of visitors in Mombasa during the festive period, the prostitutes would ignore them like a plague.

Unlike the locals, the lady says that the Indians have the habit of inviting them into their homes before killing them.

We actually need security in the Coast during the festive seasons. When our colleagues get killed, they have no one to share their sufferings with. she said.

The young lady further confessed that most of their clients also refuse to pay for the services.



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