Will they work together for the first time? Jalas, Eric Omondi seen signing contracts

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Despite commanding a huge admiration in the entertainment circles, Eric Omondi and Jalang’o have always kept distant from each other space.


This has left their fans speculating whether the two might not be having bad blood between them.

However, a recent photo of the comedians sitting together might undo these speculations and reinstall their high ratings in the corporate and entertainment rankings.

Eric and Jalas were spotted in the photo signing  contracts at an unnamed boardroom a clear indication that they are featuring together in an upcoming project.

It is unclear whether Eric will be engaging the Kiss 100 presenter in his upcoming second season of Wife Material show that begins on Monday, March 8.


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The President of African comedy has been auditioning for the famous show that has already attracted interests from several contestants.

The first season of the reality television show, premiered late last year and saw Band Beca’s Carol triumph over nine other contestants.

However, it only turned out that the comedian was using the show to set grounds for the relaunch of Band Beca. Is the second season also a ground setting for another corporate job that will feature Jalango?

Let’s wait to see how it turns out.



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