Witchcraft Or Natural Occurrence? Kakamega Cow Give Birth To a Calf With 2 Legs

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Villagers of Nang’anda area in Navakholo, Kakamega county are in big shock after a cow gave birth to a calf that has two legs, (the back legs)


The cow’s owner Zainab Makokha told K24 digital team that she had taken good care of the pregnant cow and was not expecting such a mysterious calf.

“I have taken care of the cow as expected of me knowing it was due to give birth but I’m shocked by the kind of calf it has delivered,” she told K24 Digital.

The cow and calf are said to be in good condition. the calf is also suckling well but facing  difficulties in standing upright.

According to K24 Digital, the locals said. “We usually hear of such cases being broadcast on radio. However, we don’t think this is some sort of witchcraft as we do not have witches in our area,”

Area Chief Aggrey Oyalo was among those who witnessed the mysterious calf and said such might be as a result of poor breading

“I call upon veterinary experts to visit this homestead in order to rescue the calf. I also urge locals to consult vets before, during and after livestock mating,” he said.

The chief’s sentiments were echoed by the cow’s owner

“Such cases might occur when a farmer administers drugs to a cow at early stages of pregnancy without a veterinary officer’s direction,” Rajab said.

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