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You Become What You Think, Think Positive Be You- Steve Harvey

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Broderick Stephen Harvey popularly known as Steve Harvey is an American television presenter, comedian, actor, broadcaster and author.


He has beautiful pieces of jokes that he always put on the various shows that have made him relate with fans and make them feel like indeed they are also in the same shoe.

Some of his shows are such as family feud, Steve Harvey Morning Show and motivational talk shows etc.

He says thoughts can become things when you believe in them.

“Those of us who think positive thoughts at some point later in life will turn into positive things that is the deal. It is a sample as that folks, so what you are thinking daily would they contribute to some positive thoughts”, he said.

Steve went ahead and said where he is today is because of God. He believed in Him and trusted God for everything.

“Whatever position you find yourself in today. We put ourselves there by a series of thoughts and actions. Thoughts turn into things. The one glaring question for all of us, on a daily basis, is… What are you thinking?” He twitted.

Thus, he urges everyone to work hard and always remember to put God first.

The motivational speaker said if only all you think about yourself is negative stuff then that is what you will get in your life and it is the other way round.

” Always learn to be grateful for whatever you have and don’t complain all the times. Learn to say thank you and you will get more”, Steve who lived in the car for 3 years as his home said.

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