‘You bring shame to yourself’ Akothee explodes on guests during daughter’s graduation ceremony

Singer and businesswoman Akothee was in high spirits on Wednesday as she organized an exquisite graduation ceremony for her firstborn daughter Vesha Okello who had passed with a degree from Strathmore University.

The posh party that was held at Nairobi’s Villa Rosa Kempinski started with a limousine-drive treat for the CEO of Akothee Safaris. Some of the guests included celebrity figures like MCA Tricky, MC Jessy, Sandra Dacha, Eddie Butita, and Dr. Ofweneke, who was the emcee for the night.


However, as the party continued, Akothee noticed most celeb attendees were pinned on their phones and lacked concentration. This did not go well with the singer, and she chose to address it immediately.

According to the Give It To Me crooner, it beats logic that someone would be invited to such a party, show up willingly only to self-absorb on their phones throughout the occasion.

“When I am invited to an event I do what has taken me there. If it is taking photos, I walk in I get invited, I sit down I take a few photos then I put down my phone. When you start chatting with people who are not in this event you are a disgrace to yourself. I’m sorry it would have been better for you to stay outside than bringing shame to yourself,” Akothee said.

“When you look at yourself on Youtube you will realize that the whole time your head was down, people are clapping, and listening you are doing totally nothing. If you wanted to come here and take photos with them, come by yourself.”

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