‘You’re Paranoid’ KOT Tell KBC Journalist For Exposing Thirsty Teacher Lusting After Her

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KBC news anchor Purity Museo has elicited mixed reactions on the internet after she exposed a thirsty teacher who has been lusting over her.


Taking to her Twitter page, Museu disclosed that the man has been over her inbox for the longest time despite severally warning him.

Fellow Kenyans. I need help to stop this man! He has my photos in his room and when I block him he creates new accounts and tags me in these posts. I don’t know him. I have warned him severally in vain . I don’t find this normal. There was a time he created an account that had both our names. When I warned him that I would report him is when he immediately changed the name. So yesterday (Tuesday, September 21), he took my photos and tagged my co-anchors and KBC. One of the handles for Radio Taifa tagged me and that is when I realised that this has become too much. She narrated

According to some of the comments on Museu’s post, the man is a known teacher, teaching ICT at a local institution.

Despite some of her followers sympathizing with the fast-rising journalist, others felt that she was overreacting and would rather ignore the man.

Museu has since reported the matter to the DCI.

Read some of the comments below;

Papa: You are just overthinking and paranoid, focusing on petty issues here, I don’t see anything wrong with your die-hard fan having your photos in his crib Redirect your energy on import issues Has the guy threatened you, texting you, or calling your number?

Shifu: Ushaiona kina Rihanna wakitag FBI eti kuna Wasee wako na picha zao

Brake: Sasa wewe, reporting some admirer to tweeter and dci for having your pictures in his house? You should have seen my room in my youthful days… Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez really suffered I did some “nasty” stuff to their pictures…… and they just fine… Relax!

Tent Maker: Wacha ufala, mi pia nimejaza picha za bob marley kwa gallery na walls za keja

Robert: Hii ni mambo ya kutag dci kweli?

Mbatose: What are you reporting him for exactly?

James: The best way to deal with this kind of character is to ignore them. He is idle. Totally idle. He can’t do anything beyond having your pics in his kitchenette. Have my word.





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